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CMPS National Juried Show

Coming this November!  Details to be posted soon.

CMPS Membership Perks!

5% OFF - If you need high quality prints of your artwork, or quality images of your artwork captured check out Jetart Company! .  Using state of the art equipment, they've been capturing and reproducing fine art, lithographs, photographs and other 2 dimensional documents for private individuals, organizations, artists, galleries and museums for the past 13 years.  Just let them know you are a CMPS Member.

10% OFF - Post Road Art Center in Marlborough, MA has graciously extended a 10% discount to CMPS Members. This is applicable to art supplies only but they carry a good assortment of supplies including UART paper and the full line of Richeson Hand Rolled Soft pastels. Just tell them that you are a CMPS Member at the register. They also hold monthly shows that are great to participate in, or just view. You can get further details .


Fellow Pastel Enthusiasts!

CMPS Social Media

You can find CMPS information on our website and on our FaceBook page . The CMPS website is a work in progress. Please bear with us while we put the finishing touches on it. Also, if you have web building skills and would like to help please contact Lisa at . The Facebook page will be a great place to post your artwork (finished or WIP - especially useful if looking for feedback), rallying the troops for impromptu plein-air outings, making new friends and staying in touch. We do have an Instagram account more to follow there at a later date.

When we aren't showcasing a current CMPS show we feature 2 CMPS members here on the home page.  Meet our featured artists;

CMPS Arists of the Month

Elizabeth Day Edwards

From: Lancaster, MA

About Liz: I've been a part-time artist (while working full time as a secretary) for more than 30 years. There were many months that I did no art work. On retirement a few years ago I have devoted almost every day to my art. Am totally grateful to be able to do this. I almost feel like a beginner. I started using pastels about 20 years ago but also dabbled in oils, print making, watercolor, etc., etc.

What I love about pastels: I love to draw and to me pastels are a way to indulge this love and come up with a painting. Also, I find pastel work very forgiving.

Subject matter: Still life and landscape

Style: Impressionism

Notes of interest: I’ve be doing woodcut prints in between painting. I love to garden. When the weather is nice I am always torn between plein air sketching and painting, and gardening.

Sarah Chester

From: Lincoln, Mass.

About Sarah:
I've been an artist for few years and have been using pastels since 2016.

What I love about pastels:Their vivid  colors, buttery feel, and directness of contact.

Subject matter:Landscapes and portraits

Style: Representational

Are you featured in any galleries? Only exhibits and shows - so far!

Accolades: Juried into Emerging Artists/Three Stones Gallery, Concord; Roddy Competition/Concord Art; For Pastels Only/Pastel Painters Society of Cape Cod

Notes of Interest: Among other things, I have crewed in a January Frostbite series in Maine; bivouacked with Jon Krakauer; volunteered for the Atlanta Olympics; and served on a commission to incorporate a whole new city. In addition to current civic and artistic activities—and perhaps because of my focus elsewhere—I am losing a multi-year battle against zombie blackberry vines!