2021 Workshops

We've decided that there will be a theme for workshops this year:


Further info coming soon!

Last year to help offset the artist block many of us were feeling from the onset of Covid 19 and the isolation that that came with it, we held some fantastic monthly giveaways for CMPS members. 

Unfortunately, as we head into the Holidays, which will soon be followed by the dreary days of winter, we find ourselves still in a similar situation, so we thought LET'S DO MORE GIVEAWAYS!!! 

Very excited to announce the following;

JANUARY: 25 Count set of Giraults and an 8x10 pack of Lux archival (winner gets choice of Girault set)

FEBRUARY: 20 Count set of PanPastels and 12x16 pack of PastelMat (winners choice on set and paper color)

MARCH: FREE Admittance to the first CMPS DEMO DAY (itinerary to be announced - this is going to be cool folks!)

Drawings will include all current members (anyone who pays dues and the dues are current).  Drawings will take place on the 15th of the month.  A zoom link will be sent prior to the drawing, so anyone who wants to witness the drawing can.  If there's interest, we may also try to schedule a social hour/open critique immediately following the drawing.  Will keep you all posted on that.

Best of luck to everyone!