Fellow Pastel Enthusiasts!

 The results are in!  Many thanks to all those who participated and congratulations to the winners of 

CMPS's 2nd Annual Online Members Show!

We'd also like to acknowledge and give special thanks to our awards Judge, the fabulous Bethany Carter Fields for judging this amazing show!  And we are pleased to say that we have a repeat of last year - a show filled with work that showcases the incredibly talented artists CMPS has.    

Award winners can be found below with comments from the judge and the complete show below that.  If you are interested in purchasing a piece, please email president@cmpastels.org. Please include the title of the piece in the subject line and your name, email address and phone number in the email.

We hope you enjoy the show!

Please note the images below are auto-sized by the system.  Click the 1st image below to view full sized images and artists' info. 

First Place

Matey II 

by Maryann Mullett

11" x 11" NFS

"I immediately loved this painting. The offset composition pulled me in and my eye immediately wandered up to the sweet face. I love the warm and cool layering of color. This luminescent effect invites further study while the “bokeh” effect for the background is brilliant. The foremost grasses are a perfect framing for this fella (or is it lady?). The skill in edge work is wonderful."

"This painting has beautiful light and simplicity. The mark-making is confidant and loose which perfectly conveys what the artist loved about this scene: That gorgeous light, beckoning us over. The small simple details (the orange in the window mirroring the orange layers) are perfect little small touches Just beautiful!"

Second Place

Pink House

by Janet Schwartz

9" x 12" $450

Third Place 

Warm and Cool

by Valerie Albert Weingard

30" x 22" $1600

"All around excellent and compelling painting. I love the casual vibe of these two young men, the focus and composition. It’s obvious there was a loose underpainting here and the pastel application on top doesn’t throw it away! I love the handling of the marks…more detailed near the face and eyes and loosening as the eye wanders to the edges of the painting. My eyes want to soak up every detail!"

Honorable Mention

Koi Expression

by Eileen Casey

16" x 16" $925

"This painting grabs you and won’t let go. Bold interpretive color with a punch! I love the glimpse of the koi and the handling of the pastel marks. This is a fun happy piece and it made me smile."

Honorable Mention

Morning Shadows

by Keith Demanche

12" x 18" NFS

"This painting instantly captured my attention. The unique perspective is so interesting and stands out as having a special quality. I can feel the warmth of the light. The lovely shadows pulled me but are gentle enough to let the eye wander, soaking in all the beautiful detail. Beautiful!"

Honorable Mention

Long Ago and Far Away

by Joyce Indelicato

6.5" x 9.5" $170

"This painting feels like a dream. I am drawn in and love the variation in marks and application of pastel. The dark tree line and the glowing water (those wonderful marks of blue!) are simultaneously detailed and loose. The sky is glowing with light! Beautifully painted."

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