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5% OFF - If you need high quality prints of your artwork, or quality images of your artwork captured check out Jetart Company! .  Using state of the art equipment, they've been capturing and reproducing fine art, lithographs, photographs and other 2 dimensional documents for private individuals, organizations, artists, galleries and museums for the past 13 years.  Just let them know you are a CMPS Member.

10% OFF - Post Road Art Center in Marlborough, MA has graciously extended a 10% discount to CMPS Members. This is applicable to art supplies only but they carry a good assortment of supplies including UART paper and the full line of Richeson Hand Rolled Soft pastels. Just tell them that you are a CMPS Member at the register. They also hold monthly shows that are great to participate in, or just view. You can get further details .


Fellow Pastel Enthusiasts!

When we aren't showcasing a current CMPS show we feature 2 CMPS members here on the home page.  Meet our featured artists;

CMPS Artists of the Month

Name: Wendy Prest

Town: Groton

Website email: Also I have some older pastels under Prestige Pix on Facebook and my son is helping me develop a website.

How Long have you been an artist?

About 20 years

How long have you been using pastels?

About 15 years--still have so much to learn!

What do you love about pastels?

I love that pastels don't run, don't fade and don't requite drying time. I love working with the vibrant colors and that they are so forgiving.

What subject matter do you paint?

I like to paint landscapes, gardens, flowers, birds, and have done series of mushrooms, berries and butterflies.

What style do you paint in?

I paint realistically, but I'm working on getting looser.

Do you teach any classes or workshops? No.

Are you featured in any galleries, or shows currently?

I currently have about 15 paintings hanging in The Lazy Bubble restaurant in Pepperell. Once Covid restrictions are done I expect to have a show at the Groton Center and another at the Parish Center for the Arts in Westford.

Any major awards in pastels?

Not presently.

Fun Facts?
I am also crazy about photography. I have a "real" camera, but love the ease of using my iPhone...and I take way too many photos...more than 150,000 in my files!


by Wendy Prest

8.5" x 11.5"

$165 Matted & Frame ($125 without)

Buddy Up

by Suzanne Nelson

11" x 19"


Name: Suzanne Nelson (“Sparky”)

Town: West Barnstable


How Long have you been an artist?
Since I first wrapped my little fist around a crayon! But not until my 30’s could I devote serious time to continuing my art education and efforts. The basic urge to create visual images, is just, simply, part of who I am.

How long have you been using pastels?
I took a portraiture class at the Decordova Museum in 1986 (?) and it was taught in pastel. I loved the medium and committed to devote my efforts to learn more and get better! 

What do you love about pastels?
Stroking pure mineral pigment onto a surface seems as elemental an expression as I can imagine. I enjoy the immediacy of effect and of evaluation of my efforts.

What subject matter do you paint?
I paint what intrigues me, though I have been told that my most inspired work tells some story.

What style do you paint in?

I guess my painting style is realistic.

Do you teach any classes or workshops? No.

Are you featured in any galleries, or shows currently?
No galleries since moving to the Cape in 2017, no current shows.

Any major awards in pastels?
I have received major awards in National Exhibitions, most notably judged by Fred Sommers and Elizabeth Mowry.

Fun Facts? 
The game of Golf came between me and my art for a number of years! I was President of the Women’s Golf Association of Massachusetts, then of the New England Women’s Golf Association, then of the Women’s Eastern Golf Association and ran many tournaments for accomplished women amateur golfers. I served eight years on a national committee of the United States Golf Association but when they invited me to take much greater responsibility, I declined in order to pursue the interest in art that had been back burnered for years.



Passes will not be sold the day of.

This year CMPS is happy to announce that we are being joined by the Pastel Painters Society of Cape Cod, the Pastel Society of New Hampshire, the Connecticut Pastel Society and the Pastel Society of Maine as co-hosts of New England PastelFest 2021. 

We thank them for sharing our vision and desire to give back to the pastel enthusiast community.  Their co-sponsorship has allowed NewEngland PastelFest to grow exponentially.

It is the can't miss pastel event of the year!

Passes to New England PastelFest are now available. 

Click here to purchase.