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Monthly featured artists to resume in June.

CMPS National Juried Show

Next National Juried Show to be held in May of 2020 and we are working on it being a brick and mortar show.  Will post the details as soon as they are available.

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The results are in!  Many thanks to all those who participated and congratulations to the

winners of the 1st CMPS National Juried Show! 

We'd also like to acknowledge and give special thanks to our selection jurors, Lisa Rico and Jacob Aguiar, and to our awards judge Christine Ivers for putting together and judging this fabulous show.  Judge Ivers comments can be found below. 

To view the entire show and to click images for larger versions click here.

First Place

Lost In Thought

17 X 17  -$850

by Tamara Amoroso

Second Place

Pond Light

17 x 17 - $1125

by Eileen Casey

Third Place 

Homegrown Goodness

27 x 40 $7800

by Robin Frisella

Great American Artworks Certificate

River Light 

9 x 12 - NFS

by Phil Bates

Armadillo Art Award

Sunday Breakfast

23 x 39  - NFS

by Yael Maimon

Sennelier Certificate

Brush Bouquet

19 x 12.75 - $3200

by Barbara Groff

Dakota Pastels Award


21.6 x 15.7

by Chen Pin Nan

Jack Richeson & Co Certificate

The Sentinels Under the Cover of Darkness

9x12 - NFS

by Anne Vosikas

Holbein Set & Certificate of Merit

House of the Raven 

20 x 16 - NFS

by WM Schneider

Jack Richeson & Co Certificate

The Storyteller

24 x 18 - $1000

by David Francis

Terry Ludwig Award

Summer Splash

8 x 10 - NFS

by Dina Gardner

Pastel Painters Society of Cape Cod

Scents of the Past

16 x 17 - NFS

by Karen Israel

Pastel Society of New Hampshire


36 x 24 - $7000

by Wendy Layne

Christine Ivers Award of Excellence

Tuxedo Junction

13.75 x 23.5 - $750

by Lisa Thorne

Linda A. Kirouc Wildlife & Animals Award

Grand Dane

24 x 18 - $800

by Jory Mason

Jack Richeson & Co Certificate

Rainy Rush Hour

18 x 36 - $1650

by Janet Schwartz

Diane Townsend Award

Hanging Out

6 x 12 - NFS

Maryann Mullett

Blick Art Materials Award

Blue Birds

16 x 20 - $850

Bernadette De Cesare

Blick Art Materials Award

The Chain (Life)

16 x 20 - NFS

Jeff Fioravanti

Blick Art Materials Award

Temptation Won

10 x 8 - NFS

Karen Howard

Honorable Mention

Breaking Thru Green

12 x 9 - NFS

Alejandra Gos

Honorable Mention

Night at Cafe Hapina

19.5 x 25.5 - $2000

Motti Shoval

Honorable Mention

Boston City Lights

16 x 12 - NFS

Shuk Susan Lee

Judge Iver's Comments:

I was totally honored to be chosen to be the judge of awards for CMPS’s first national juried exhibit. With so many fine pastels that were juried for selection, it was an extremely difficult time for me to choose the award winners. The work exemplifies the diversity and skill of the pastelists who were selected to share their talents through this wonderful show. I want to thank all the volunteers, jurors, and artists who made this inaugural show a truly world class event. I also hope to see more wonderful pastel paintings from Central Massachusetts Pastels Society!

First Place: Lost in Thought, Tamara Amorosa

This striking painting caught my eye immediately as I scanned through the paintings. The confident strokes, the near abandonment of borders, and the vibrancy of color on the subject all played in my decision to award this painting First Place. The play of light on the woman’s yellow clothing set in the background of serene trees looking off the ledge set the tone for the contemplative title. Kudos to the artist! I hope to see more wonderful work like this.

Second Place: Pond Light, Eileen Casey

Dancing light, complimentary colors, and directional movement of the reeds intrigued my as I traveled around this composition. With a “controlled abandonment” this artist was truly calculating with each and every stroke. Along with graphic applications of linear and circular dimensions, I would bounce out only to be pulled back to where the artist wanted me to rest. What a wonderful adventure in “travel” without really leaving the confines of the square format. Wonderful painting! Keep up the great work.

Third Place: Homegrown Goodness, Robin Frisella

This painting was so well executed that I thought I could touch the pears and crinkle the paper in this composition. Down to the smallest detail I was fascinated by the skill of this artist. I especially loved the play of the red and green pears, which set up the complimentary colors in this piece. The play of light and the transition of light on all of the surfaces was handled so exquisitely by the artist that I had to acknowledge this painting for an award. Congratulations, it’s a truly beautiful painting.