Special thanks to our Awards Judge - Jeanne Rosier Smith!  Her time and expertise is greatly appreciated.  Mrs. Rosier Smith's notes regarding the show and award winners can be found below. 

We'd also like to thank all of the CMPS members who participated.  Everyone's wonderful submissions make for a gorgeous body of work resulting in the fabulous 1st Members Show shown below! 

CMPS Members Show 2019


General comment:
I’m honored to be choosing awards from this strong group of paintings for this first show of the CMPS! It was a very difficult task: so many strong contenders to narrow down for just a few awards. I chose award winners for their combination of technical ability and emotional impact. Here are the winners:

First Place

 All Wound Up by Lisa K. Thorne

The dripping undulations of this snake suggest a sleepy heaviness. Beautiful variations of texture and color perfectly capture the snakeskin and reflected light, while the looping lines keep our eye
moving through the design. When done well, highlights reveal surface texture, and here they show where the snake skin is shiny, dry, stretched tight or slack: a remarkable feat.

Second Place

Spring Burst by Joelle Feldman

This forsythia’s explosion of color grabs the viewer. The daring foreground placement of the bush, taking up most of the space yet still leaving room for sky, light and air conveys the new joy of spring.

Third Place 

Taylor by Tamara Amoroso

This painting has weather, light, sound and story. I can feel the sunlight and wind on her skin, hear the water, see the glare. Painterly and realistic.

Honorable Mention
After the Storm by Barbara Shapokas

A great sense of rhythm, progression and power in this seascape, from the distant rollers to the middle ground foam to the foreground sinking puddles. Beautifully composed and rendered.

Honorable Mention

Going Home by Cynthia Robinson

The rhythm and soft distance of the trees has an interesting echo in the bodies of the sheep; this painting has a wonderful narrative, pastoral feel.

Honorbale Mention

Dune Time by Christine Chisholm
The high horizon on this dunescape lends drama and interest. The light and shadow effect is beautifully rendered with perfect value and color.

Inquiries regarding purchase of pieces from the 2019 CMPS Members Show can be sent to president@cmpastels.org .