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For many of us, the current state of affairs in the United States is less than optimal for creating and staying engaged artistically. The CMPS Board thinks that they’ve come up with something to help generate some excitement and motivation - some seriously sweet giveaways for the months of June, July and August! Each month, on the 15th, we will hold a random drawing. All CMPS members whose dues are current will be included. Thanks to Dakota Pastels! They provided some discounts to help make these fabulous prizes possible. We will send a zoom link out to all the members for each drawing, so everyone can watch it live. Winners will also be emailed and posted on the home page of the website. Good luck to everyone!

JUNE: PanPastel 20pc set & PastelMat 12x16 pad. Winner can choose the PanPastel set & the PastelMat color(value$150+). Congratulations to Sarah Helyar Chester the winner of the June drawing!
JULY: Girault 25 set & LuxArchival 8x10 pack. Winner gets to choose the Girault set (value $150+).
AUGUST: Dakota Deluxe Travel Box Small & Sennelier half stick set 80 count (value $275+).

CMPS Membership Perks!

5% OFF - If you need high quality prints of your artwork, or quality images of your artwork captured check out Jetart Company! .  Using state of the art equipment, they've been capturing and reproducing fine art, lithographs, photographs and other 2 dimensional documents for private individuals, organizations, artists, galleries and museums for the past 13 years.  Just let them know you are a CMPS Member.

10% OFF - Post Road Art Center in Marlborough, MA has graciously extended a 10% discount to CMPS Members. This is applicable to art supplies only but they carry a good assortment of supplies including UART paper and the full line of Richeson Hand Rolled Soft pastels. Just tell them that you are a CMPS Member at the register. They also hold monthly shows that are great to participate in, or just view. You can get further details .


Fellow Pastel Enthusiasts!

CMPS Social Media

You can find CMPS information on our website and on our FaceBook page . The CMPS website is a work in progress. Please bear with us while we put the finishing touches on it. Also, if you have web building skills and would like to help please contact Lisa at . The Facebook page will be a great place to post your artwork (finished or WIP - especially useful if looking for feedback), rallying the troops for impromptu plein-air outings, making new friends and staying in touch. We do have an Instagram account more to follow there at a later date.

When we aren't showcasing a current CMPS show we feature 2 CMPS members here on the home page.  Meet our featured artists;

CMPS Artists of the Month

Name:  Jeanne Rosier Smith

Town:  Sudbury, MA


Instagram:  @JeanneRosierSmith )

How Long have you been an artist?  Pretty much forever, but I started thinking of myself as an artist since I was fourteen. I quit my other job and went officially full-time as an artist in 2005.

How long have you been using pastels?  I discovered pastels in 1997 when my uncle, a high school art teacher in Western Mass, mailed me a box of Nupastels. I had been painting and teaching in watercolor at the time and I fell in love with pastel. I didn’t realize there were any other kinds of pastel until two years later, when I signed up for a portrait class at the DuCret School of Art in New Jersey with Rhoda Yanow. That’s when a whole world opened up.

What do you love about pastels?  I initially loved the immediacy and the easy access because I had small children at the time and pastel meant I could get something done during nap time and just wash my hands and be done. But it was more than that: I could always picture exactly what color I wanted and with oils, having to mix color made me impatient. I’m not a great planner, and I can be careless so I found watercolor a little nerve-racking. Pastel fit my personality perfectly: instant gratification, colors at my fingertips, forgiving of mistakes, flexible and versatile. I’ve also always been drawn to the luminosity of pastels—the visual mixing of colors that other mediums can’t duplicate. I love mixing colors right on my painting, and I love the way a painting changes in different lights.

What subject matter do you paint?  I paint everything from landscape to still life to (every now and then) portrait, but my passion is seascape. It is all the same, even abstracts, though: shape, color, edge, good design.

What style do you paint in?   Well I can never put my finger on it but what I’m always going for is a bold, loose, painterly style that coalesces into an understandable image at one distance and then shifts and changes as one gets closer so that a viewer can enjoy the hand of the artist as well as the image created.

Do you teach any classes or workshops?  I have taught in one form or another for twenty years. In 2017 I made the difficult decision to stop teaching weekly classes on Tuesdays. I really miss all the wonderful students and amazing community we had, and I wish I had had the time and energy to continue. I’m thrilled that a new community has grown in the form of the CMPS. This year I was to have taught six workshops, two at my home studio. COVID has intervened and many will now be taught via zoom. Six feels like a good number for now.

Are you featured in any galleries?  I am currently featured in seven galleries. This summer I’m featured in a solo show, Waves, at Degas Gallery in New Orleans. I have a solo show, Ebb & Flow opening at Gallery 31 on Cape Cod on August 8. I’m also with Powers Gallery, Acton MA, Susan Powell Fine Art in Madison, CT, Black River Gallery in Boothbay Harbor, ME, Edward Dare Gallery in Charleston and Sandpiper Gallery in Sullivan’s Island, SC, and I show regularly at the Copley Society in Boston.

Any major awards in pastels?  I am most proud of having won the Prix de Pastel at IAPS in 2012. I have won First Place in the Landscape category in the Pastel Journal Top 100 in 2017 and 2019, and I have gotten paintings into the Top 100 every year since 2013. However, I didn’t get in in 2020, so there are definitely no guarantees!

Fun facts?  My son Nick Smith is a musician, and he just released a single called “Loved the Ocean” on Spotify. He chose one of my paintings as the artwork for the cover of his release. I have to say that I got more satisfaction out of the fact that my 22-year-old chose his mom’s artwork for his song release than I’ve gotten out of any of my own accomplishments. 

Also: I do have a Ph.D. in English but when I paint I tend to listen to crime novels and breezy fiction. Years later I can look at a painting and remember the book I painted it to. 

Name:  Heather Hogue

Town:  Maynard, MA


How Long have you been an artist?  As one type or another most of my life

How long have you been using pastels?  2 years

What do you love about pastels?  It is a medium that translates best between my heart, eyes and hand. I love the stroke making and the immediate color choices that can still be mixed on paper.

What subject matter do you paint?  I am experimenting with a number of subjects, but find that I gravitate to Landscapes.

What style do you paint in?  The right side of my brain wants to be more of an impressionist, but my left side loves the detail! I endeavor to let my right side win the battle, but for now it is more representational.

Do you teach any classes or workshops?  No

Are you featured in any galleries, or shows currently?  No

Any major awards in pastels?  No

Fun facts?  For several years I left my artistic and design roots to start and run a construction company, which required a different kind of creativity but I am happy to have picked back up my artistic endeavors again. I am happiest outside, any season. Which makes me desire to represent it in art that I produce; the way that I see it and more importantly, feel it.

On the Brink

by Jeanne Rosier Smith

24" x 24"


Kitty With The Pearl Nose

by Heather Hogue

6.5" x 10”


We are excited to announce our 2nd annual juried exhibit!

PLEASE NOTE – Due to the corona virus the CMPS Marks of Distinction 2020 show will now be held and displayed online only.

Best in Show = $1000, 2nd = $700, 3rd = $500

CMPS anticipates over $4000 in cash & merchandise awards.

Selection Jurors: Lyn Asselta, IAPS-EP, PSA & Michael Freeman, IAPS-MC, PSA

Awards Judge: Robert Carsten, IAPS-MA, PSA-M, CPS

click here for more info