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CMPS invites artists of all levels to enjoy the benefits and collegiality of being a CMPS member. JOIN US!


These three paintings by Board members are available for silent auction, with 100% of proceeds going to CMPS. Bidding is in $25 increments and bids can be made in person at Fivesparks, 7 Fairbank St., Harvard, MA, or by emailing From left to right: 

Stillness by Alexia Rosoff Wilber, 14x17 framed, value $350, current bid $110

Rebound by Jane Robbins, 13x15 framed, value $500, current bid $125

Sunbathed by Laurinda O'Connor, 13x5x13.5 framed, value $700, current bid $350

Stillness, by Alexia Rosoff Wilber

Rebound, by Jane Robbins

Sunbathed, by Laurinda O'Connor

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Jeanne Tangney


Shuk Susan Lee

Shuk Susan Lee,  IAPS/MC, PSA:

"I'm a pastel artist from Newton, MA, with a passion for painting figures in various settings, often with a surreal twist. My inspiration is drawn from my encounters with people, captivating stories and poetry, and emotionally moving music. I have completed a four-season figurative series and am now embarking on a musician-themed project.  As I continue to hone my technical skills and mature as an artist, I want to tell my own story and communicate with my audience, because I believe that artwork must go beyond technique and reach the viewers’ heart."

Clockwise from upper left: Summer OasisFor Me It's Always Spring, The Magic of Autumn, Vivaldi's Winter.

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