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PastelFest 9/12/2020 - click link above for details on this event!

CMPS Membership Perks

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Fellow Pastel Enthusiasts!

When we aren't showcasing a current CMPS show we feature 2 CMPS members here on the home page.  Meet our featured artists;

CMPS Artists of the Month

Name:  Jeff Fioravanti

Websites: is my website and I also have and as an Associate Artist of Unison Colour, here:

How Long have you been an artist?  

I guess this gets the standard answer, ever since I could hold a crayon and how magical it was to drag that crayon over a piece of paper. I’d say all my life, but I don’t remember doing too much artwork at age 6 months. LOL  
How long have you been using pastels?  

Since the late 1980’s, but I lost a few years in there while renovating our house.
What do you love about pastels? 

The immediacy. Open them up and just dive right in.
What subject matter do you paint?
Whatever happens to speak to me. I do seascapes, how can you live in New England and not do seascapes, but many interests do I have and so, many bewitching images compel me to try to paint them and try to do them justice.

What style do you paint in?
I guess my own style. I really don’t care for such labels. I think by nature people feel better if they can put us into a box, but as an artist, don’t we demand to be able to break outside of the box? Outside of the lines? Over the years my artistic style has been labeled many things, realist, tonalist, etc. In reality, my art is pretty self-explanatory. It is created from the heart, from passion, from my own life experience and really, you can’t put a label on those things so the only label I prescribe to is Artist.

Do you teach any classes or workshops?  People have asked me all the time if I teach, but while I would welcome the opportunity to teach or share, I don’t have a space. I’ve done demos for local art groups, I have one slated for April 2021 in Woburn and I did a demo for the Pastel Society of Maine, but that is about it. Maybe one day I’ll be able to offer regular classes.

 Are you featured in any galleries, or shows currently?  I am always seeking gallery representation. Currently I have work hanging at N.W Barrett Gallery in Portsmouth, NH and pieces in either current (CMPS), just completed (PPSCC), or future online pastel society shows. My work will be part of PSA’s Enduring Brilliance and I have two pieces in the upcoming Pastel Society of Maine show. I am also an Associate Artist of Unison Colour, so they have my work and a bio about me. I included that link above.

Any major awards in pastels?  Well, I’m a signature artist member in six different pastel societies including PSA and CMPS and I am also an IAPS-Master Circle recipient. I’ve won Best in Show at the Connecticut Pastel Society’s Annual National Juried Exhibition, was featured in an article in American Artist and was part of a National Geographic publication on Civil War Battlefields. I’ve won a number of awards over the years on both the local and national levels, which is always very humbling.

Name:   Dave Kaphammer

Town:   Westborough MA


How Long have you been an artist? 

I was always into drawing as a kid, but didn't do much with it till I started taking drawing classes about 18 years or so. Those led to pastel classes. I probably wouldn't have called myself an artist until about 8 years ago.

How long have you been using pastels? 

17 years ago was my first pastel class. That's been my main medium since then.

What do you love about pastels? 

The immediacy of application, vividness of color, and especially how natural it is to get broken color effects by layering over an underpainting.

What subject matter do you paint? 

Light and shadow, and reflections. That's always the theme, whether there are tractors, cars, figures on a beach, or fishermen that are catching sunlight and casting shadows. It's always about light and shadow!

What style do you paint in? 

I try to be impressionistic and loose, always struggling to keep it loose!

Do you teach any classes or workshops? 

Not currently. I had been teaching regular weekly classes, and occasional workshops, for about 5 years, but backed off due to job commitments and wanting to focus more on my own artwork.

Are you featured in any galleries, or shows currently? 

As a member of the Copley Society, my work is often in their member shows. I also have work at Francesca Anderson Fine Art.

Any major awards in pastels? 

Signature membership in PSA, IAPS Master Circle,Herman Margulies Award for Excellence at PSA Enduring Brilliance 2018.

Fun Facts?  

I work full time as an engineer at Bose, which seriously gets in the way of putting in the time I'd like to for painting!

To Touch Your Shore

by Jeff Fioravanti

11" x 14"

Currently NFS


by Dave Kaphammer

16" x 20”


We had a beautiful day and lots of fun at the 1st PastelFest!

Click here to check it out.