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We are pleased to showcase the incredible talent of CMPS artists! Special thanks to our Juror, BF Reed, for her terrific insights into the paintings. Congratulations to the award winners from our 2021 Members Show

First Place

Kinney in Bloom, by Jane Robbins

" A delightfully sun filled afternoon! This painting invites us in to explore this sunny path that peek-a-boos through the colorful foliage to the right. This wonderful light has a path that leads our eye from the far left to the back with just a hint of that same light to the right that brings us full circle. The composition works well but what works best is its use of values. While the colors are wonderful and engaging they are not used as a crutch. This painting is my clear choice for number one as it uses the pastels masterfully throughout the surface and it creates a memory or hope of a good day."

"Such interesting divisions! The color bands in the background allows us not to mind that the flowers are in the middle. These bands also set the stage with wonderful texture that comes from a light use of the pastels that allows us to see the paper that is almost both formal with the straight lines but casual in its transparency. The stair steps of the jug at the bottom right to the flower vase in the middle then to the tall thin jug to the left is an engaging use of the picture field. That one bold yellow flower to the right that is on that blueish-purple background is the show stopper! It makes the tangent of the thin jug and color band necessary as it balances the diagonal of the vases."

Second Place

Modern Colors 1, by Keith Demanche

Third Place

Crystal Clear, by Laura Triba

"Serenity is felt with the tranquil waters of this wonderful piece. The warm sand at the front provides a marvelous lead-in to the cool, calm ocean. The directional lines suggest the pulling of the water back in and under the calm wavelets. The mostly analogous palette is effective in portraying the peace of this scene."

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