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WELCOME to the first international Pastels Plus Exhibition! We are delighted to bring you the work of innovative artists from around the world who "bent the rules" to combine the vibrancy and dry touch of pastels with many other mediums, and experimented with sometimes non-traditional surfaces and substrates. We hope that you are as fascinated as we are with the versatility of pastel and the artists who use it!


“Jurying the first Pastels Plus has been an honor and a privilege. It was fascinating to see how many artists had the pioneer spirit to be able to take a new step and to examine new ways to make art with new combinations of materials, even though it is a rocky road and it takes a lot of patience to reach results that are pleasing.  It speaks to me of openness, which is one of the fundamentals of art. Our love for pastels is not a jealous love, but love that seeks to bring the best expressions and impacts.

Jurying was not easy, and I would have loved to see many more artists receive awards. But this is a start and I want to wish success for the coming competitions.”

Pirkko Mäkelä-Haapalinna, PSA- MP


Second Prize

Prediction, by Nahid Davarpanah

“The uniqueness of this work surprised me. The work is filled with emotional tension within the dynamic composition. The softness with which pastel is used creates a strong contrast and drama with the added threads. The work touches emotionally.”

Juror Award

Chill, by Diane Rosen

This work touched me deeply; it really carries a strong emotional impact. The composition forces the viewer to focus on the expression of the face against the background of something hostile. This one really gives chills.

The empty part of the background just adds power to the work. Dripping acrylic also plays a role in the background and the pastel marks are done masterfully.

Honorable Mention

The Edge by Laurinda Phakos O’Connor

This abstracted landscape painting has a strong painterly touch that unifies both pastel and acrylic. The composition is dynamic and the rhythm of marks add interest to this piece.”

First Prize

Ode to Spring, by Marcia Holmes

“There is unity and flow in this work, even as there are many materials and techniques used. This variety combines well with pastel strokes that sharpen the contrasts and give depth. The painting is relaxed and gestural, rising beautifully from impressionism and abstract expressionism into a contemporary and personal, strong voice.”

Third Prize

Vanishing, by Christine Chisholm

“The gestural use of ink together with pastel creates a dense and focused atmosphere of warmth and sun. There is both softness and sharpness, creating together a feeling of a fleeting moment.”

Honorable Mention

Crows in the Cornfield by Terri Brooks

“This painting has a rich composition and texture, and carries a good sense of drama. There is an overall unity created with the neutral color palette that holds the richness of marks together. Monoprint and pastel make layers that mingle and create interest.”


We invite you to enjoy the stunning gallery of accepted works. Artists' comments on the materials and mediums used are included in the captions. Some works are for sale, as indicated. If you're interested in purchasing a work, please email

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A Leek, A Pear and a Bucket by Sandy Marvin
8 x 12 inches, NFS
Water soluble pencil plus pastel on Kitty Wallis paper.

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